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We call tears of wine the path that the wine leaves on the walls of the glass. This path forms a groove in the glass, similar to that of a tear pouring down the cheek, hence the name.

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It is very common when we share a glass of wine or celebrate something we resort to toasting. The truth is that generation after generation the act of toasting is something that we have internalized and we have been doing it, more or less spontaneously, to celebrate a special moment. Depending on the occasion, sometimes we accompany the toast with a phrase or some reflection, but the meaning of the gesture is usually the same: to express our good wishes towards someone or towards some event, celebrate something. But have you ever wondered where this custom comes from?

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Veraison is a fundamental process in the development of the fruit of the vine. A moment in which the vineyards are filled with color, as a result of the metamorphosis experienced by the grape clusters during this transformative stage in the life of the vines. It is a perfect time to come to visit the vineyards and enjoy wine tourism. Apart from the external change in the color of the grapes, with veraison there is also a profound transformation and internal maturation. In this post, we want to make known what veraison is and what it consists of, as well as its importance for vine cultivation and winemaking.

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