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Harvest 2018 in Costers del Sió Winery

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Last week we started the grape harvest with our organic Pinot Noir grapes for the production of our sparkling wines. For this we look for a must of low gradation and good acidity. We have done the manual vintage in boxes of about 200 kg that we keep in the cold room for later destemming and pressing. A good part of this grape will be used to make our sparkling wines Siós Brut Reserva 2018: our sparkling Siós Brut Blanc de Noirs and Siós Brut Rosé, our sparkling rose wine.

Blanc de Noirs, literally means in French, White in Black, and the peculiarity of a blanc de Noirs is that , as its name indicates, is a white wine that is made from red grapes. To get this the only thing that we have to do is remove grape skin quickly from the wort to prevent it from transferring its color, since the pulp of the grapes is usually white in almost all varieties, including our Pinot Noir. In the case of the sparkling rosé, which we also make from this variety, a short maceration will be carried out to obtain its characteristic pink stick color. 

Harvest 2018 | Pinot Noir | Costers del Sió Winery

These wines will not see the light for a few years, but we are sure that the quality of their grapes will not leave anyone indifferent. 

Harvest 2018 | Vineyards | Costers del Sió Winery   

This week we started with the vintage of the Chardonnay grape variety for the production of our white wines Petit Siós, Siós Pla del Lladoner and La Boscana. The low temperatures and the rains of this past spring have forced us to start the harvest two weeks later than last year.

In addition to the low temperatures and humidity, the diseases that attack the vine during its growth that are more difficult to treat in ecological vineyards like ours, have also affected the production that is expected much lower than that of 2017. The harvest will end this year at the end of October.

In the gallery of images at the top of this post you can see more of the whole process of the 2018 vintage in our vineyards.

Harvest 2018 | Manual Vintage | Costers del Sió Winery



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