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Vine Cycle: Pruning

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Today we have started the winter pruning in our vineyards.

Winter pruning of the vines is the most important task carried out in the vineyards, because it's essential to control the production of each plant as well as to keep it healthy and vigorously.

The pruning or spurge of the vine is carried out in the coldest months when the plant is at rest, after the fall of the leaves and when only the branches are seen that if they could not be pruned they could be very long (until 30 meters). It is convenient to prune carefully, understanding that not all plants are the same and what style we want to express to their fruits.

That is why it is a process that must be done by hand and with conscience.

Winter vine pruning

What is the pruning of the vineyard?

The spurge or pruning of the vineyard consists in reducing the vegetative part of each plant with the aim of limiting its natural growth in order to improve the yield and the quality of the grapes. At Costers del Sió we carry out the pruning of the vineyard manually with a special scissors. Our goal is to leave a limited number of bladders where the plant will spring, thus limiting the production and achieving so that the grape grains are bigger and better quality.

There are different systems of pruning depending on the variety of the vine and the results that are intended to be achieved. In this case we use the double royat cordon which you can see in the following images.

Double Royat cordon system of pruning

 Royat cordon system of pruning



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