Unfiltered first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil

Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil harvest 2022

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Yesterday, October 13, 2022, we harvested the Arbequina olives and took them to the mill to cold press and obtain our long-awaited extra virgin olive oil.

Unfiltered first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil

100% Arbequina Olives from our estate

Extra quality olive oil produced from greenest olives of the Arbequina variety of our estate collected at the beginning of the harvest and cold pressed without filtering.

Balanced fruity, itching and bitterness.

Our EVOO is a source of polyphenols and natural antioxidants (vitamin E, oleuropein, oleocantal).

A good EVOO is a gift for health and the senses, and something relatively inexpensive. A well presented bottle with extra virgin olive oil of superior quality, used exclusively in raw (for salads, toasts, etc.), will last several months in the kitchen; and of course we will find more fruity nuances, which with little we use, transmit a great flavor and personality to the dishes.

Cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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