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Winter pruning of the vines

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In full winter pruning in Flix!

As we already explained in a previous post, the winter pruning of the vines is the most important task that is carried out in the vineyards since it is essential to control the production of each plant as well as to keep it healthy and vigorous.

Do you know why the most important pruning in the vineyard is done in winter?

In short, pruning the vine is a necessary but at the same time aggressive measure for the plant, since we cut the ramifications, causing injuries to the plant and generating possible access points for fungi and pests.
Whether in spring or summer, the plant is in phases of maximum activity, so it can be easily deduced that during these times it is necessary to limit cuts to the vines as far as possible, just to avoid attack by fungi or pests.
Harvest time is not the time to do pruning either, since we are in the midst of harvesting the fruits.
However, once the harvest is over, the sap ceases to have an active presence in the vine, the branches or shoots begin to wither, and the leaves end up falling.
This moment is known in the vineyard as vegetative stop, and it runs from mid-November to the end of February, when bud break begins (depending on location and weather).
It is during this period, which coincides with the coldest time of the year, when it is advisable to carry out the most intense pruning of the vines, known as winter pruning.

As we grow the vine organically, the branches resulting from pruning are left at the foot of the vines and they will end up forming part of the vines' nutrients.


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