Organic cultivation of the vines (I)

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From the beautiful vineyard "Darrera les Creus" (Tempranillo), Jose María tells us a couple of curiosities about its organic cultivation. Did you know that chamomile is important in our wines?

As Jose María explains, the chamomile that grows naturally in our vineyards gives our wines its aroma.

The ecological cultivation of the vineyard is based on the idea of ​​returning to the way of cultivating the vineyard of our ancestors. To listen and care for the earth with natural methods.

Organic viticulture is therefore a reunion with nature and with our viticultural heritage (climate and soil),

In constant search of the self-sufficiency of the ecosystem

We take care of the environment: the native flora of our area, the banks between vineyards and the wine-growing landscape.

We use natural and non-aggressive products (cover, sulfur, plant extracts...). In short, we are in constant search for the self-sufficiency of the terroir ecosystem, closing cycles, composting organic matter (vine shoots, grape skin, manure from our animals...) and using green manures and vegetable covers, always seeking the balance of the plant and the around.

Efforts are made to revitalize the soil, thus increasing organic matter and biological activity.

We, among other things, leave the remains of the pruning near the base of the plant, which will decompose and provide natural nutrients to the soil. As we have said, we also use manure and other harvest leftovers.

Even knowing that the organic cultivation of vineyards moderately reduces grape production, due to the effect of higher acidity, lower pH and a greater number of yeasts on the skin, over the years organic vineyards become more resistant to pests and diseases. and at the same time it increases the aromatic quality and the color of the grape. This ultimately goes in favor of a higher quality in our wines.

On the other hand and no less important, organic viticulture is not polluting but has a positive impact on the environment.

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