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Harvest 2019

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With the forecast of a good harvest both in terms of quality and quantity, in mid-August we began the 2019 harvest at the Flix estate starting  with the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay varieties for the bases of our white and rosé sparkling wines that will come to market in 2021.

Harvest 2019 at Costers del Sió

The dry climate of the previous months before the start of the harvest was positive to preserve the health of the vineyard, although it also represented a delay in the beginning of the grape harvest due to the slow maturation of the grapes. For the same reason, it is expected that the duration of the harvest will also be extended until the end of October or early November.

Throughout the harvest, our winemaker Maria Mendoza checks the degree of ripening of the grapes by doing various samples. Depending on the wine we want to make, we need to have a greater or lesser presence of sugars, acids and aromatic components, which means that each variety has the right time to be harvested.

During the second week of September we started with the manual harvesting of white Grenache, one of the varieties for which we stand up for at Costers del Sió for the production of our white wines as it brings aroma to our wines.

The fact of harvesting the grapes manually, although it requires more time and more workforce, contributes to a better selection and to an optimal fermentation of it because it does not break.

Once the grapes arrive in the winery they are stored for a day in a refrigerator chamber to proceed the next day to the press.

After the grape harvest of the white varieties in mid-September with the harvest of the Muscat variety, we continue with the black varieties.

The climatology of this time is favorable so that the grape finishes to mature by the difference of temperature between the day and the night (about 15º of difference). As this year is a long harvest, we keep pending of the weather especially rain.

We invite you to enjoy the gallery of our harvest 2019 images that you can see in the heading of this post.

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