The cycle of the vine: Sprouting

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Spring arrives and the vineyards awake from their winter lethargy and return to the activity announcing us, with the bud burst or sprouting, the beginning of a new annual cycle. The vine buds that remain dormant during the winter bloom in spring and will become leaves in just a few days.

The vine buds

The vine buds are the organs of the plant where are found the primordia of sprouting of the first leaves and of all the grapes that the future branch may contain. They have a voluminous cone shape, are located in the node of the branch, next to the insertion of the petiole of the leaf. With the arrival of softer temperatures, the yolks of the vine will get rid of the "down" that protected them from the cold so that they would be exposed in case we suffer a spring frost as it would return them to the dormant state.

It is time to till the earth to aerate it and favor the growth of the roots while reactivating the life of the earth. You also have to fertilize it and eliminate harmful insects.

In the next picture, you can see the sprouting of a Chardonnay vine 

 Chardonnay vine | Sprouting


Nature doesn't stop and it is our task and our passion to take care of our vineyards as well as we know, knowing and respecting their cycle and using our knowledge as grape growers so that for many years we can enjoy their beauty and its precious fruit that are our estate wines.

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