Green pruning our vines

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Started a new week and we continue with the green pruning of our vines, now of the strains that we grafted last year.

The green pruning consists of eliminating the first leaves and sprouts that have emerged in the vine during the spring in order to prevent the green shoots that do not interest us from competing with the ones we want to leave in the vines.

It is one of the most important tasks for the vineyard and its maintenance and that procedure allows us a previous selection of the future bunches that will be formed. If we did not do this pruning or we did it too late, the plants would have a shrub aspect.

Green pruning | Costers del Sió Wineries

With green pruning we also get the vine to have a good aeration and insolation during the months of grape ripening as well as to reduce the humidity of the microclimate inside each vine, which will also help us to control fungal pests.
This process also directly affects the rate of fruit set and the quality of the grape, since with pruning we are reducing the number of bunches per plant, which will be of higher quality.
The leafless can also be done by machine but here we prefer to do it manually.
Green pruning is one more of the techniques that help us achieve the best quality for our wines, which of course will appreciate your palate when you taste them.

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