Mundus Vini 2022: Three gold and one silver

Mundus Vini 2022: Three gold and one silver

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Gold medals for our wines Alto Siós 2018Celistia red 2020 y Bosc Silvestre 2019 and silver medal for our Petit Comité del Sió red 2019 

The Mundus Vini International Wine Awards was founded by Meininger Verlag nineteen years ago and is one of the most important wine competitions in the world. The importance of this competition in Germany and around the world is demonstrated by the hight quantity of wines presented.

The spring tasting of Mundus Vini 2022 has recently been held and we are happy to have won 3 gold medals and one silver:

Awarded wines

Spring Tasting Mundus Vini 2022


Alto Siós 2018 GOLD  
Bosc Silvestre 2019  GOLD  
Celistia red 2020 GOLD  
Petit Comité del Sió red 2019 SILVER


The award-winning wines at Mundus Vini are found in commerce and gastronomy around the world.

The jury is made up of 300 international wine specialists, recognized high-level experts from the fields of distribution, hospitality and wine production, as well as industry media

The objective of the contest is to promote quality and promote the commercialization of the wines submitted to the contest. Likewise, it is designed to offer a forum to producers, winegrowers, importers and consumers that, on the one hand, makes it possible to compare the different wines to facilitate orientation and the purchase decision and, on the other hand, reach a wide audience.

What for wine consumers means a valuable orientation, means for us producers the recognition of our work and effort.

The same quality standards can be measured within the framework of this international competition and the awards obtained allow the wines awarded with this prestigious mark to be identified for their commercialization. Since 2014 Mundus Vini has been held twice a year: On the occasion of the autumn fairs and at the end of the annual commercial season as a summer tasting and well in advance of the ProWein date as a spring tasting in February.


Our awarded wines at the Spring Tasting Mundus Vini 2022

On this occasion, we celebrate the gold medals obtained for our wines Alto Siós 2018Celistia red 2020 y Bosc Silvestre 2019 as well as a silver medal for our Petit Comité del Sió red 2019

Red Wine Bosc Silvestre 2019 | Costers del Sió Winery

Red Wine Celistia 2020 | Costers del Sió Winery

Red wine Alto SIós 2018 | Costers del Sió Winery

 Petit Comité del Sió negre 2019


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