Decanter Awards 2021: 8 awarded wines

Decanter Awards 2021: 8 awards

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Our wines have won eight awards during the last edition of the Decanter World Wine Awards 2021 competition, organized by the British magazine Decanter and which is a benchmark in the sector to receive samples from numerous sources.

Decanter World Wine Awards has a jury made up of industry professionals, including Masters of Wine and Master Sommeliers.

In this edition, our winery has won two silver medals for Alto Siós 2017 and Petit Comité 2018 in addition to 6 bronze medals for our wines Celistia Crianza 2018 , La Boscana 2020 , Bosc Silvestre 2018 , Siós Cau del gat 2018, Bosc de Carlac 2020 and Las Cuadras Crianza 2018.

Decanter 2021 scores:

Awarded wines

Decanter 2021



Alto Siós 2017  91 punts SILVER
Petit Comité 2018  90 punts SILVER
La Boscana 2020  89 punts BRONZE
Celistia Crianza 2018    88 punts BRONZE
Siós Cau del gat 2018 88 punts BRONZE
Bosc Silvestre 2018  88 punts BRONZE
Las Cuadras Crianza 2018 87 punts BRONZE
Bosc de Carlac 2020  87 punts BRONZE


This year, in its 18th edition, the international Decanter World Wine Awards competition has had 18,094 wine references from 56 countries, which have been blindly tasted in London by almost 170 experts, for fifteen consecutive days last June.
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